Sunday, July 6, 2008

Packed (and unpacked) weekend

Othello and I had a great weekend! First of all, my parents visited us on Friday, July 4th. We had a great time dining at the hidden gem of Renato's on Central Avenue, and I was able to take them on a (slightly wet) tour of Jersey City Heights.

Then on Saturday morning, Michael finally arrived home after a week of sailing from Bermuda to Stamford!

The three of us went on a long sunset walk Saturday evening.

And we saw some interesting architectural detail.

Today, we've been furiously unpacking boxes. We've been in our new place since May 31, but we both have been away a lot of that time. So we still have a lot of work to do to make this a home. However, we made a lot of headway today. We can finally see the dining room floor. I can't wait till there is no more cardboard in our living space!


alex said...

I totally understand!!! we're working our way slowly towards a cardboard-free life. :)

Rebecca said...

Look at sweet Othello. . .takes a while to get out of the boxes, but you'll get there!