Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mexico Roundup

Here's a collection of the blog entries I wrote about my trip to Mexico last month.

Days One and Two: Arrival in Tlaquepaque
-Greetings from Mexico

Day Three: Tonala and Tlaquepaque
-Monday in Mexico

Day Four: Tonala and the highway

Day Five: Guadalajara

Day Six: Tonala

Day Seven: Lake Chapala

Where I stayed:

Project Amigo:

Mexican folk art:

Assorted features:

I'd like to thank all the great people I met for making my trip unforgettable. Thank you, as well, to everyone who read my entries. I'm looking forward to documenting my next trip for you!

Addendum 8/15/08: To get another perspective, see my friend Irene's blog, -- particularly, her account of our failed trip to Tequila.


alexlady said...

great idea to group all of the posts!

Holly said...

Thanks, Alex!

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Having all the (related)links in one page is really efficient. I mean viewers/readers would love it like this. Great idea. Great blog!

Holly said...

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you like it!

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