Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Postcard from the road

As my Uncle Richard says, sometimes you don't have to travel far to get a good picture. Here is a beautiful shot he took near his home in Halifax, Massachusetts.

In those parts, lakes are known as "ponds," and this one is East Monponsett Pond. According to Uncle Richard, "Many people in Massachusetts don't know where this town is! When I say I'm from Halifax, they think I've come a long way --from Nova Scotia."

There are many little-known or little-documented places just around the corner from everyone. Travel is truly a matter of perspective. That is why I blogged about my walks in my neighborhood earlier this summer. Speaking of which, it's probably time I do another photo shoot!


Anonymous said...

Hi Holly,

That picture by Richard is just perfect for my desktop background, which is where it is now. The size, 1600x1200, is just right.

It replaced the picture of the sailboats that I copied from your 'The Trip 2008' blog.

I really enjoy your photos.

Best wishes.

Uncle Bill

Holly said...

I'm so glad, Uncle Bill! Enjoy!

Thanks again, Uncle Richard, for providing the photo!