Friday, August 15, 2008

Recommendations from friends

I have been so happy to hear from some of my friends/readers in response to my Celebration of Food theme this week. I thought I would share some of the great recommendations they passed along.

First, from Shannon, a "stranger-friend" of mine from Mayan Families:

"I was catching up on some online reading while my little ones were sleeping just now and thought of you. There is a blog called Kitchen Parade that sends out great recipes but she also is working on a series right now called How to Save Money on Groceries that I thought you might like. It’s about real changes in habits and thoughts related to food, not just clipping more coupons. You can find the intro at, and the first two installments (out of five) are already online. You can also sign up to get her recipes and this series delivered to you by email if you like. Nice and simple, not overwhelming. I like it a lot."

For some inspiration, my best friend from high school, Rachel, clued me in to this Sarah McLachlan video for her song, "World on Fire." Rather than spend the usual $150,000 on a music video, McLachlan spent $15 and donated the money she would have spent on it to various charities around the world. The video documents how much certain aspects of the video would have cost and how that money was instead put to work for humanitarian causes. For example, a production supervisor would have cost $3500, but instead the money went toward the schooling and support of 70 children of war in Sierra Leone. Check it out!

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