Saturday, August 30, 2008

Soldier update...and how you can help deployed service members

You'll never believe the surprise I got yesterday! I found an email from Spc Timothy Roy, the generous soldier I featured in my last post. Here's what he wrote:

I wanted to thank you for linking to the article about me in your blog. It is really neat that it was so well received by so many people. I never figured it would make front page on the DOD and web pages when they interviewed me. I googled it and it popped up on a handful of sites like yours :) I definitely plan on more volunteer work when I get back from this deployment. Well thanks again and keep up the good work yourself.

I'm constantly amazed at how the internet can bring people together. How great to hear from him!

This reminds me of a resource of which I want to make my readers aware. is a website where you can hear first-hand from service members abroad about their lives and what they and their units need.

Some of the entries are short, but other service members write lengthy accounts of what it is like to be over in Iraq (without giving away any security information, of course) and include photos of things like their units, celebrations, etc. It's really interesting stuff!

Here's how it works, according to the website:

We have volunteer Soldier "contacts" on the "Where to Send" page. Click through the names and select the one(s) you wish to support. They list what the folks they represent want and need. We even have a search capability so you can easily identify what the troops need most.

All the Soldiers involved in this effort are military volunteers stationed in areas that are in harm's way. You send your support (letters and/or packages) addressed to them and when they see the "Attn: Any Soldier" line in their address they put your letters and packages into the hands of Soldiers who don't get much or any mail first. Everything is shared.

We have "What to Send", "How to Send" and "FAQ" pages to help you properly send letters and packages, please read these. Be sure to also read our "New & Stuff" and "Success Stories" pages. This effort is 110% voluntary. You send your support, and maybe some stuff, directly to whatever unit or units you want, you don't send us anything.
Take a look! These men and women are working so hard for our country. Please try to remember them this Labor Day!

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