Monday, November 15, 2010

Support girls' and women's education in the developing world

Looking for a great little holiday gift and a way to support some worthy charities?

Check out my new fundraiser:

Gonna Make a Change Candles

I have designed four hand-poured soy candles in unique tins that are perfect for holiday gift-giving!

One hundred percent of the net proceeds are donated to Mayan Families and Central Asia Institute.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

URGENT UPDATE: Disaster in Guatemala

Hi all, I know you have not heard from me in a long time. I have been so busy with being a new mom that I have not had time to update Gonna Make a Change in a while.

However, I did want to leave this note quickly.

Guatemala has seen several horrific natural disasters in the past week: a volcano erruption, earthquakes, and now Hurricane Agatha. The places that Michael and I traveled to have been hit very, very hard.

People who were struggling to survive have now lost everything.

If you have read and enjoyed my account of our trip to Guatemala, I ask you to please consider donating any amount to Mayan Families, the grassroots non-profit that Michael and I support there.

Here is an update for now from the orgaization:

Sharon has lost her back bathroom and storage area into the river. We have evacuated her house and the office. The rest of the office is still intact but we are concerned the building foundations have been compromised.

We will need to rent office space ASAP, as we will be inundated immediately with requests for help from desperate people who have lost their homes and possessions.

All the Mayan Families staff are safe, however a few have lost their homes and others are in danger of losing theirs.

There are many people in emergency shelters, lots of people have lost everything.

There is desperate need for food and shelter. Any financial help no matter how small which will help feed and shelter people would be greatly appreciated.

You may remember young Glendy who works for Mayan Families, who lost her mother last year has now lost her home as well. She and her 5 brothers are now homeless.

Mayan Families needs your support more than ever, as our offices have been damaged and are not functional.

Please, if you were considering donating this our hour of Need!!

Please send donations via general fund, so we can get our new office operational as soon as possible.

Thank you for your prayers and support.