Thursday, July 17, 2008

Casa de las Flores in Tlaquepaque

I´ve got time today for a bonus entry! I´m continuing to enjoy staying at Casa de las Flores, an outstanding B&B in Tlaquepaque, just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico. Last night, I met some great new people: Barry and Bill from Arizona and Penny and Susan all the way from Alaska. Unfortunately, Penny and Susan are already gone, but some new guests have arrived, and I hope to talk to them tonight.

Here are some photos of Casa de las Flores.

The indoor living room, complete with super-tall fireplace.

The path to my room.

A gathering nook.

View from my room.


Michael said...

Wow, beautiful! I wish I were there with you!

Rebecca said...

Wow! What cool stuff! Actually, seeing the photos of your travels make me homesick for Los Angeles. Sniff.

Have a safe trip back! Look forward to hearing all about it!