Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday in Mexico

I have already met a number of wonderful people here, including Florence and her husband from Colorado, Glenn and Sally from Tasmania, Richard from South Carolina, and Diedra and her mom from San Diego. Not to mention our wonderful host, Stan! I will be writing more about them later.

Today, I went on an artist studio tour in nearby Tonala. Some pictures:

The Ortega studio. All of the studios were also the homes of the artists and their families.

The Ortegas´pet dog and duck!

A very decorated artist, Velasquez, I believe.

A gorgeous workshop. I´ll have to check the name of the artist. Sweetie, see the plate he´s holding? How´s that for our living room?

I waited out a torrential downpour back in Tlaquepaque at Cantu, where I spoke with the lovely Patricia. Check out all the different kinds of tiles available!


Tricia said...

OOHHHHH Girl!!!!!!!

I wish I could be with you!!!

LOVE the plate for your living room!

Leslie said...

I found your blogsite on Mfamilies! Oh i love your pics of Mexico i would love to go one day!!!


KK said...

I love the tiles! It reminds me of how Laura Esquivel describes the homes in her novel, Malinche. (Am I thinking of the right book, or was it Like Water for Chocolate?)

In any case, you are so lucky to be seeing all the wonderful things others are only able to experience through books.

Take care and we will see you soon, Holly!

Michael said...

The plate is beautiful! As are all the pictures. I wish I could be there with you!

alex said...

that is AWESOME! wowza!

Holly said...

Thank you guys for your comments! Leslie, welcome to my blog!

This place is great! I will be updating as much as I can now and then will write in more detail once I get home.