Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back home in Jersey City

I left Tlaquepaque early this morning and got back to New Jersey, where my wonderful husband greeted me at the airport.

I was amazed to find out that last Saturday, when I first got to Mexico, Michael had a horrific sailing accident. While pulling some lines and sails, the tips of left hand pinky and ring finger got sliced off completely!

Thankfully, help came very quickly, his crewmates found the fingertips, and a plastic surgeon was able to sew them back on.

Despite all the trauma, my Sweetie did not want me to find out about it until I got home. He said there was nothing I could do about it; it wasn't life-threatening, and he didn't want to ruin my vacation.

I can't believe how selfless he is. I feel so bad for him that this happened. At the very least, he tells me, this has given him "street cred" with the other sailors. I will have to be extra good to him, now that I am home!

Anyway, I will be posting more updates on Mexico and "how-to's," so you can plan a trip like this of your own. For now, let me spend some quality time with my hubby!

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Mom and Dad said...

Holly, it's great to see Michael smiling in that photo after going through such an ordeal. May he heal quickly and completely. We're so happy you're safely back home with him.