Friday, July 25, 2008

Details in Mexico

I'm going to be wrapping up my coverage of my trip to Mexico on Monday. Before I do, I want to give you all a little bit more of what caught my eye while I was down there. Here are some my favorite pictures that I have not yet posted.

Statue of Pope John Paul II outside the very popular parochial church in Tlaquepaque

Outdoor seating at an El Parian restaurant in Tlaquepaque.

The outside wall of an artisan's workshop in Tlaquepaque

One of the amazing carved doors in Tlaquepaque

Part of a tile mural on Avenida Juarez in Tlaquepaque

Bilingual sign at the Liberty Market in Guadalajara

A very colorful restaurant and shop in Ajijic

Visitors on the shore in the town of Chapala


Leslie said...

Wow wow wow your pictures are amazing!!!!! Blessings to you!

Holly said...

Thank you so much, Leslie! Thank you for visiting my blog!

picturepoet said...

Holly, your blog is so informative, I feel like I am still in Mexico when I read it. Your pictures are beautiful-I need another lesson in blogging. I'll be in Brooklyn and NYC, flying into Philly tomorrow and leaving on Monday. Maybe we can have lunch before I leave. You can e-mail me at I have a blog, but can use more lessons for sure. Irene