Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Adventure philanthropy

It's been a very busy few days, so I am still not finished with my final Mexico entry. Rest assured, I will post it this week, and it will include my very own "how-to" section, so you find out some of my best travel tips.

In the meantime, let me tell you about my evening. Tonight, I went to a cocktail party fundraiser organized by Roadmonkey. What I was calling voluntourism, Paul von Zielbauer, a journalist for the New York Times, calls adventure philanthropy.

He is organizing a bicycle expedition in Vietnam that will include a volunteer project where participants build a playground for HIV-positive orphans.

This trip sounds awesome! I wish I could go, but I just won't have the vacation days. I was in Vietnam in 2001, and it was a beautiful and fascinating destination. I'm sure it would be an even better trip with something good to do like this.

So check it out! Here's another opportunity to travel AND make a difference.


handsupholidays said...

Great blog!
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What's more, the accommodation on most of our trips is 4-5*...luxury volunteering is possible!
We do a lot of tailor-made volunteering trips to ensure that we provide you with a meaningful adventure that counts that meets your exact requirements.
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Christopher Hill
Hands Up Holidays

Holly said...

Thanks, Christopher. I hadn't heard about Hands Up Holidays. I like that you offer all different lengths of tours. Long weekends are great for us Americans with limited vacation time!