Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Trip to Guatemala Part V: Healthy Pets

After our time at the Mayan Families headquarters, we took a tuk-tuk to Dr. Miguel's veterinary practice, which the home base for Mayan Families' Healthy Pets program. There we met Dr. Miguel and Selaine, who runs Healthy Pets.

Dr. Miguel runs his practice and then does free and low-cost sterilization and vaccination clinics for Healthy Pets. He is the only licensed, practicing vet in the Lake Atitlan region!

His office consists of an examing room (above), a room for surgery and x-rays, the x-ray development lab, which also doubles as the bathroom (below), and a boarding room.

Outside, he has kennels, where we met some street dogs that are being rehabilitated.

Dr. Miguel clearly loves his animals, and Michael, particularly, liked spending time with the dogs.

We saw a lot of dogs on the streets in Panajachel. They are often treated inhumanely, so the mission of Healthy Pets is to provide immediate assistance to the animals and help change people's attitudes and opinions towards them.

Michael is away sailing right now, but I'm sure he will have some more to add to this post when he gets back. His big thing down there was the dogs; mine was the kids!

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