Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dreams and Goals

Michael is off in Bermuda now, living his sailing dreams. Meanwhile, Othello and I are beating the heat inside the house.
With Boris off living his own dream of sheep herding this weekend, I'm going to have to make sure I wear Othello out good this evening. Hopefully, a nice, long walk will ensure a sleep-filled night!

Othello is awfully sleepy now; hopefully, that doesn't mean he's gearing up for a long night of guarding.

Anyway, this summer, as it has turned out, has been one of separate dreams. Michael has had a lot of sailing opportunities, and we haven't been able to take time off together. That's why I will be traveling to Mexico by myself next month (much more on that later!).

So a few nights ago, we started talking about 2009 and tentatively planning our trips out, so we can spend most of our days off together...and we can do all sorts of cool stuff!

Here are initial dreams/goals for 2009:

  • Key West - we both have been itching to go back since we took a long weekend there last year.
  • Berlin/Bamberg - even though love for the German language is one of the big things we have in common, we have never been to Germany together! I want to show Michael my Berlin, and he wants to show me his Bamberg. We'll also get to see friends and use those rusty German-speaking muscles.
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia - Michael plans on doing the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race, and he would like to show me his beloved Halifax at the end of the race.
  • Some place exotic! We don't know yet where that will be, but we want to take a week to discover some place very new and different for us.
  • New Year's in another country

We can't go around the world, but this is a pretty good substitute! We'll keep our careers, get to go to places we really love, and discover new adventures together. It's important we do this before we settle down.

Michael's developed some bigger picture goals for the future, but I'm still working on mine. For now, knowing that we have some concrete travel plans for next year reassures me that I will still be following my travel dream.

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