Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gotta slow down

Sometimes you've got to take a breather. Things have been crazy at work, and they will just be getting busier and busier until at least the end of January.

So I still haven't finished the Guatemala entries. Rest assured, they will be coming. But this was a special weekend to relax and spend time with Michael.

But I wanted to post a picture...albeit one that is a few weeks old...of my fabulous friend, Rachel, and her new baby, Gideon. I have some readers who know and love Rachel but don't use Facebook, so they haven't seen the latest.

Isn't Gideon cute? You can already tell that he is a bright child who will have a big personality.

Here's to enjoying all the little moments of life right now!


mom said...

Holly, I love this post. With just a few words and pictures you shared your thoughts and feelings in such a tangible and enjoyable way. The photo of Rachel and Gideon is beautiful --- pure joy and love! I'm amazed that the baby was only five or six weeks old in this photo. He is so alert, looks so inquisitive, and is so very precious! Love to Rachel, Seth and Gideon.

alexlady said...

Great photos Holly!

i love Gideon. i want to squish his widdle cheeks!

satya said...

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Holly said...

Thank you all for your comments! :) It's great to have everyone stop by.