Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Photo Gallery

It has been a CRAZY week already. Layoffs, stress, you name it.

So let me take a break and show some of my favorite photos from this Christmas in Pennsylvania. Michael gave me a new camera as a present. It's a Canon PowerShot, about eight generations more advanced than my previous (and still beloved) camera.

A rural route in Pennsylvania -- loneliness and comfort

Ice crystals on the blacktop driveway. I had never really paid them much attention before.

My Aunt Honey's welcome arrangement

The back of my aunt and uncle's house

My Uncle Charles

My Aunt Honey and Uncle Joe's collection of antiques, both inside the house and out, made for great still life shots.

I am fascinated by the blue light of winter's setting sun in this picture of their kitchen.


mom said...

Oh, Holly, what fun to see your photos! Our time together at Aunt Honey and Uncle Joe's this Christmas was so brief. Your wonderful photos bring back so many good memories and help me enjoy Christmas again. I love your photo of Uncle Charles.

WindBlowerTM said...

Dear Holly

Thank you for sharing this, I truly love the pictures, but wow the first picture of 'the road in Pennsylvania' it is beautiful.
And I adore your German Shepherd Dog, he/she is cute.

May you and all of your family have such a lovely day.
Karima - WB

Holly said...

Mom, I wish you could've been there longer, too! But it was great having the time we did.

Karima, thank you so much for finding me! Yes, Othello can be very cute (as long as he's not whining in the middle of the night!). Happy New Year!

eCommerce Solution said...

Such a great experience. Glad that you have seen the Ice crystals thoroughly so that you can share it with us. More photos soon.