Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Michael!

It's my wonderful hubbie's birthday today!


mom and dad said...

Holly, these are great pictures of Michael. They capture his spirit of adventure, his tender, caring ways, and his wonderful smile.
Happy birthday, Michael!

KK said...

Happy Birthday, Michael!

You were born on the 8th, and 8 is a lucky number, so we hope that luck will always follow you and Holly around!

Holly, that candid picture of him at the bottom is a great shot!

-Javi and Kris

Holly said...

Thank you all so much for your well wishes!

Michael says he has been having a good birthday -- as much as one can have on a work day.

I decided to treat him to a meat dinner tonight! ;P We found a Polish deli we never knew about in our neighborhood, and I bought us a feast. If only the Vikings could win this game tonight! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Squirrel said...

he likes to travel, meet new people, cats and dogs... he's nice!

Squirrel said...

Yes the number 8 is filled with good fortune.

Holly said...

Squirrel, I think so, too! :)