Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time is flying!

Photo by Jason Specland

It's just two weeks till Michael's and my FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

How much has happened in the past year?

  • Lex and Erik's first
  • Tanja and Joerg's second
  • Jon and Joanne's second
  • Randi and Dave's first
  • Brian and Heather's second
  • Rachel and Seth's first is on the way
  • Barb and Kozak's first is on the way


  • Tanja and Joerg
  • Jess and Chris
  • Greg and Maggie's engagement
  • Lisa and David's engagement

New Homeowners:

  • Us
  • Don and Alex
  • Grace and Steve
  • Rachel and Seth became homeowners twice over!
And there are probably a ton more things that I am forgetting! What an exciting time in our lives.


mom said...

Look at that happy couple! The photo brought back such wonderful memories. What an important and exciting year for you and Mike and your dear friends.

otherone said...

What a great photo. Your wedding was so lovely!

It really has been a packed year, hasn't it?

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A picture showcasing a successful family. How I wish mine would be the same.