Saturday, October 18, 2008

Guatemala Preparation

Michael and I are heading back to Guatemala in December to help with some great projects and do a little traveling.

There are about 30 people going down, and one of the groups has created a fantastic website, Check it out to find out more about the different service projects: Medical Clinic, Veterinary Clinic, Tamale Baskets, and Office Support, as well as brief synopses of who will be taking part.

I can't wait! It'll be great to get back to Guatemala, and in addition, we'll get to meet all sorts of wonderful people and also see some places we missed last time.

Michael and I, thanks to the miracle of frequent flyer miles, will be flying down business class, so we will be able to bring down several suitcases each.

If you would like to help us fill our suitcases, please let me know! We could use any of the items listed here or toys, children's clothes, hotel toiletries, sheets for full-sized beds, kitchen supplies, and many other things. Just ask! Please email me at

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