Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our sponsored girls

It has been a crazy past few weeks! LOTS going on at work; Michael and I hosted Thanskgiving for my family; and we're getting ready to go to Guatemala soon.

However, I received some pictures today from Sharon at Mayan Families that I wanted to share with everyone.

Some very generous donors (you know who you are!) sent money for food for Juana's family after she had her baby. It took a while for the family to get the message that food was waiting for them at the Mayan Families headquarters, but they finally did, and they came this week.

Unfortunately, Sharon was not there when they came, so she did not get to speak with the family. But the staff did take photos...although not of the baby! I don't think the staff knew how many people are waiting to hear about the baby.

Juana already looks older to me. You can see she's got the sling for the baby knotted across her chest, like her mom does.

I'm hoping we'll get to see the family in person when we go down. We have bought them a tamale basket, and we'll also be bringing down some gifts for them. Among other things, my mom found cute hoodies for the two babies (Juana's and her baby brother).

We have renewed Candalaria's school sponsorship for next year. Unfortunately, Juana, as you know, is no longer going to school.

But Candelaria has passed to the next grade, as we saw from her report card. So that's good news! We'd love to see her raise some of those grades, though, next year.

The most important thing, however, is that she stays in school. We've learned this from experience.


mom said...

Holly, thank you for taking the time, in what I know is an extremely hectic week for you, to post this good news and the wonderful photos. Dad and I hope that you and Mike will be able to visit with the Cumpar family when you are in Guatemala. What beautiful smile those children have!

Nikki said...

You are right- she does look older. I really hope you get to see them again when you go to Guatemala- I would love to hear how Juana is adjusting!

Squirrel said...

nice post. staying in school, no matter what is very important.

alexlady said...


that's so great. thanks for the update on this sweet family. i would love to see pictures of the baby, and i'm sure the tamale basket will be very special for them.


Holly said...

Thank you all so much for your comments! We will be heading out soon, and I will definitely keep everyone posted once we get back!

Gloria said...

Greetings from Argentina

Nikki said...

I see on Tricia's blog that you saw the family!!! I can't wait to hear about it, especially about how Juana and the baby are doing!