Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crazy May

This month has been absolutely insane. It started out with some very unfortunate events at my job which continue to have an impact on my day-to-day work. Then Michael and I went to Minnesota for a family reunion. I came back and went right down to Washington, DC for work. I got back from that, and two days later, I went to Chicago to visit my brother - a visit that was planned before we had any idea we would be buying a condo. This past week, we have been working like crazy on the new place. This weekend holds a baptism for the child of friends of ours. And we've still got to pack up the old place and finish painting the new in a week's time!

Ack! I have been dying to update this blog, but I honestly have had no time. Once June comes, it will be a different story. You WILL be hearing from me! Please bear with me.

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Mom and Dad said...

It was a delight to read your newest entry this morning. What a fun and helpful parting gift to families in your old neighborhood. Wishing you and Mike the best as you say "Good-bye
to the old, and "Hello, here we are" to the new.

Mom and Dad